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Dr. Cox is a great Orthodontist.

She created the best treatment plan for me which achieved perfect results really quickly. I would recommend her to all of my family and friends!!!

Franz Doerr, Feb 27th 2017
Dear Dr Cox, nicI wanted to thank you for my recent treatment.

After having 4 years of orthodontist treatment when I was 12-16 years old, I didn’t keep up with the nighttime retainers and my teeth moved. I was really unhappy with my smile and needed a solution that fitted in with my lifestyle, I wasn’t prepared to go back to fitted braces. Your advice for a Invisalign brace, and then a permanent wire on the back of my teeth means no one noticed throughout my treatment, and now afterwards. It was so effortless and pain free.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help, I found you so friendly and easy to talk to! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you and often do to my friends.
All the best.

L. Prince, Jan 27th 2016

Orthodontics Cases
Case 01 – Adult Male


Reverse bite and severe crowding. In this case the lower teeth are ahead of the upper teeth and this bite has caused some wear on the upper and lower front teeth. These teeth were aligned with upper and lower fixed braces. Improving the appearance but also minimising further damage to the teeth.

Case 02 – Teen Boy


Where the upper teeth are in a forward position the use of contemporary braces can help to improve the bite and the appearance. Teeth are in a more forward position can be at increased risk of trauma.

Case 03 – Adult Male


Spacing of teeth can occur naturally or can be due to possible gum disease. Gaps between teeth in some cases can be closed or in some cases teeth can be moved into correct position and allow the placement of teeth to restore function and appearance.

Case 04 – Adult Female


When teeth are lost there can be significant changes to the bite and appearance of the teeth. In this case both the upper and lower teeth were aligned and the teeth were placed in the correct positions. This allowed for whitening and for the missing teeth to be replaced

Case 05 – Teen Girl


Sometimes teeth in particular upper canine teeth can become buried in the jaw and not erupt properly into the mouth. In this case a gold chain is placed on the buried tooth and with a fixed brace this tooth is aligned. In this case there is also a missing upper front tooth, which has been replaced with an implant.

Case 06 – Adult Male


Spacing of teeth can occur when teeth are small in size. In this case the space in the midline was closed and the slightly small upper front teeth were restored with composite build ups to give a pleasing smile

Teeth Whitening Cases

Some teeth respond slower to the whitening gel than others, and may need a longer period to get to the desired shade. We try to achieve 4-5 shades whiter with this treatment, but there are no guarantees.

Darker stained teeth (tetracycline stained) may require a longer period of whitening. The whitening Gel will lighten your natural teeth, but will not lighten crowns, veneers, fillings or internal stains.

Grey Teeth


Root Filled Front Tooth


Very Yellow Teeth


Trauma To Front Tooth


Tetracycline Staining


Very Yellow Teeth


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Dr Shirley Cox

BDS(Hons), FDS RCS (Eng), MSc(Lond), M Orth RCS(Eng), FDS Orth RCS (Eng)
GDC: 68425

Shirley qualified in Dentistry from The Royal London Hospital in 1992 and she achieved her M Orth specialist qualification in orthodontics in 2000. Shirley was appointed as Consultant Orthodontist at Bart’s Health Trust in 2004 and now works as an Orthodontic Consultant at the new Royal London Hospital site.

At the Wapping Dental Centre, Shirley is able to offer the very latest treatments available, enabling her to treat adult and child patients who have simple, moderate and complex needs and to improve both the appearance and the function of their teeth.

“Patients in my care receive my personal attention at all times and are treated solely by me. I love to treat patients and help them achieve and keep for life the Beautiful, Healthier and Happier smiles they desire. I look forward to meeting you and helping however I can.”

Shirley Cox

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